Sunday, November 18, 2007

My Secret Nightmare

Okay, for those of you who were born in the 1960's/70's you were surely the target audience for the 1980's cartoon Saturday commercials. Ya know those commercials that looked so hightech and cool back then but really look way cheap now. The reason I speak of such things is because of a certain Cheerios commercial that still haunts me today. I'd like to close this sorry little chapter of my life and I think this is how I can do so. It all started back in 1980-something or so while watching Saturday cartoons in New York (it must've been 1981 come to think of it) when this commercial came on....
Well, tonight Tatiana was being schooled on who "Mikey" was and why "he likes it" so we checked out Youtube for the Life commercial then that lead me to this Cheerios commercial.
It's yodel has stuck in my head for years and it drives me crazy so of course I feel that I must share it......hope you don't have nightmares like I did.

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